Strengths Based Marriage

Book Review by Wendy

_240_360_book-2089-coverBook Description:   Marriage expert Jimmy Evans and strengths expert Allan Kelsey show readers how to have a happier, stronger marriage by applying the concepts from the popular StrengthsFinder assessment to their relationship.

One of the biggest obstacles to a happy, strong marriage is a lack of understanding of yourself and your spouse. With Strengths Based Marriage, MarriageToday cofounder Jimmy Evans and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach Allan Kelsey give readers the tools they need to dismantle that hurdle and develop a deeper and richer relationship. Applying the revelatory concepts from the popular Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to marriage, Evans and Kelsey break new ground in helping readers understand themselves and others. Utterly practical and deeply insightful, the book covers topics like Stopping the Cycles of Pain, Speaking Love to Your Spouse’s Heart, and Secrets of Successful Marriages. Strengths Based Marriage will forever change the way you see yourself, your spouse, and your marriage.

I was very excited about this book.  As a pastor’s wife, we are frequently asked about marriage resources, so when I saw this I had high hopes.  Unfortunately, this is not a book I would recommend to anyone.

To begin, I don’t like the introduction where they give an example of a marriage problem fixed by taking an afternoon off from work.  Anyone that has been married knows that it is work.  This type of fairy tale scenario where they walk together shopping isn’t a solution for anyone in the real world.  Men don’t fix problems with their wife by taking them shopping, and one conversation never changes a marriage.  Sorry.

However, my biggest complaint is the hidden propaganda found in chapter one.  This book is less a guide about marriage and more a guide about their campaign promoting their test.  This book without the test is worthless.  At the end of chapter one you need to know the top five strengths of each partner, but… you have to pay for the test.  To get the top five, which is not what they encourage it is $15 a person.  If you follow their recommendations, it is $89 a person.  So this book, plus an addition $180, is supposed to be a great resource for your marriage.

As I said, I would never recommend this book to anyone.


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