God is Faithful

Forty Day Fast - Days 5-8

Acts 7:48 (NIV2011)
“However, the Most High does not live in houses made by human hands”

These have been incredible days.  God has been moving and answering prayer right before my eyes.  I am amazed and in awe of who He is and what He is doing.

I started this fast with nine questions.  Yes, nine questions for God that I am seeking answers too.  I can tell you this, He has already answered a few that needed definite answers and given me direction and wisdom on some of the others.  Yet, I know He isn’t done yet.

I have tried to be diligent to start each morning early, spend time in a devotion, prayer and Bible study.  However, each day has not gone as planned, but I have stayed true to the portions of the fast where I can.  I have controlled my eating, I have spent time in His word and prayer each day and I have continually placed myself before Him each chance I have.

What I have found is interesting.  I am relying upon Him more each day.  I am asking Him the little things.  Usually I just make decisions, but I am asking Him what to do.  I am relying upon Him for humility and patience.  Given an opportunity to be mad and upset this week, I found myself on my knees instead telling Jesus that I needed Him to take over in that moment.

And, I cannot talk about this at the moment, but in the last few days God has opened a huge door and provided the means in which to step through in such a way that I am still just shaking my head and saying “Wow!” every time I think about it.

What I have remembered is this: God is faithful.  And, just like Zacchaeus, when we are willing to get above the crowd, Jesus is there to meet us, speak to us, invite us to come with Him and show us the way to go.

Thank you for those who have joined me, either in fasting or in prayer, or both.  We are on this journey together.  And, not just us, but Christ is walking with us as we desire to draw closer to Him and give more of who we are to Him to use for His Kingdom.

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