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Mission Trip to Nicaragua - Day 10

Be flexible.  While that is the motto of any mission, it has definitely defined ours so far.  If you know me, flexibility is not my strong point.  I am always the man with a plan and I do not like when my plan is thrown off course.  I believe God is teaching me a valuable lesson in this area.  I trust Him.  I bend to His will and He is showing me that I can place myself fully into His hands.

This morning we participated in the staff devotion time, with the long-term missionaries.  Part of our team went out to work today at Hope Central, the facility that ministers at the local dump.  Joe and I went to the village to do some construction work.  Our work this morning and this afternoon consisted of digging the footing here in this village.  It was kind of neat to be a part of one of the last houses for this area.  This village is nearing completion and when I return again a new village will have begun.

We dug twenty-four-inch-deep holes for the footings and placed the 4×4 posts into them.  Then we mixed all the concrete with a small mixer, and used a wheelbarrow to move it to each hole. Since I used to be a building inspector who specialized in concrete inspection, I had to let go of the modern techniques used in the US and work with the way things are done here. It was hard work, but very rewarding.  The work we performed today has placed a mother and her children one step closer to a completed home.

As for us, we are taking it day by day and have no set schedule for what we will do each day.  Be flexible, remember?  That is our new team motto and one that I need to adapt to my own life and ministry when I get home.

Please continue to pray for the mission team, the local community here in Nicaragua, and the many people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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