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Mission Trip to Nicaragua - Day 9

Another Sunday in Nicaragua.  The team seems to be in good spirits this morning.  We awoke with a plan and a purpose to use the additional days here in Managua in God’s service.  Since the staff is usually off, we are taking care of a few household duties ourselves.  Travis and Tammy Stearns are doing an incredible job taking care of us.  They are both wonderful and have given up what I believe may have been some days off to accommodate us and serve us selflessly.

This morning, after breakfast, we headed out for the church service at the International Christian Fellowship.  This is the church where the local missionaries gather for worship and fellowship.  We were welcomed back and felt very loved and cared for.  We all really enjoyed our time of worship and a great message was delivered.

After the service, we were treated to a special day by Project Hope.  We took a nice long bus drive to the coast.  We went up and over a mountain range and then down to the Pacific Ocean.  It was neat to drive through some new areas and see some different houses and villages along the way.  We descended down a thin long road that ended in a private resort.  Iguanas were everywhere as well as some exotic birds and other wildlife.

As we walked up to the cabana, the view of the ocean was breathtaking.  It was a testimony to God’s glory.  There were straw-covered cabanas, hammocks, tables and rocking chairs dotting the landscape before us.  It was like something from a movie.  The sound of the ocean waves was a pleasant music in the background as we spent time in fellowship.  We had a great lunch and there was time to just sit, rest, and reflect.

I eventually found myself wrapped up in a hammock with my Kindle in my hand.  I was able to finish one book and start another.  I must have fallen asleep for a while, and then woke to find most of the team members walking along the beach and gathering shells.  I quickly joined in the hunt.  I found some beautiful shells.  There we were in the stillness, gathering our treasures along the shore without another person in sight.

One of the young ladies that was with us found a nice small sand dollar.  When she learned that I was searching for one for my daughter, Erin, she gave it to me.  It was so special to me, and it just shows how much we have bonded as a team.  Here we are stranded in a foreign country, and it should be difficult, but instead we are joined together in friendship.

We had a great time at the beach and a well-needed Sabbath for all of us. Now, we are back at base camp and we are planning our areas of service for the week.  We are going back out to perform some construction work tomorrow at Hope Central, the facility at the dump.  The ladies will be going out door to door.  Tuesday, we will be delivering stoves to the same houses.

I am ready for what God has in store for us in the wake of our extended stay.  He has kept us here for a reason, given us a day to rest and now we will once again step out in service.  We are prepared to be the hands and feet of Christ to these amazing people of Nicaragua.  Thank you, Lord, for this additional time of service.  We are so grateful for this chance to finish what you had us start.  Please join us in prayer for the coming days, that the Spirit would move in this community, that hearts would be changed, and that Christ would be glorified.

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